Apr 16 2024 @ 10:00 - 11:00

The State of Children’s Rights & Business 2023: A Critical Overview

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Deborah Keller

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Virtual IFB

Exploring the Commitment of Global Corporations to Children’s Rights

In today’s world, where corporate impact extends beyond borders, the welfare of children remains paramount. Established by the King and Queen of Sweden, the Global Child Forum champions the cause of integrating children's rights into business practices. In partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, Global Child Forum has created the most extensive benchmark analysis detailing corporate actions on children’s rights globally. This benchmark serves as a cornerstone for investors aiming to foster positive change, with over 7.2 trillion USD in assets under management currently utilizing our insights to prioritize children's rights in their investment decisions.

This virtual session promises an in-depth exploration of the 2023 Global Benchmark on Child Rights, unveiling how the world's leading corporations are addressing the critical issue of children's welfare. Aimed at asset managers, asset owners, foundations, and family offices, this event seeks to illuminate the path for integrating child rights into global investment strategies. By attending, participants will gain unparalleled insights into the current landscape of children’s rights within the business world and learn how to leverage this knowledge for impactful investment.

  • Speaker: Matthew Goodwin, Head of Sustainable Investing 
  • Date: 16th of April
  • Time: 10 - 11 am CET

This session is designed for financial professionals—including asset managers, asset owners, foundations, family offices, and wealth management experts—who are passionate about leveraging their roles for the betterment of children’s futures worldwide.

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Join us as we navigate the complexities of corporate responsibility and discover how your investments can contribute to a brighter future for children around the globe.