Apr 12 2024 @ 8:30 - 11:00

Cracking the code for smarter, circular, regenerative markets. Starting at Lake Victoria



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Impact Hub Ticino
Via Ciseri 3
6900 Lugano

Parking available at
Autosilo Balestra
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Tommaso Tabet

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We are happy to invite you to join our next Impact for Breakfast in an open conversation with Karl Benno Nagy, visionary and impact entrepreneur.

“I’m a person who is crazy enough to believe that he can change the world” Karl Nagy

The global community has reached a consensus on transitioning to a net-zero emissions economy, setting ambitious targets that catalyze a shift in the production and consumption of natural resources. This transition necessitates the expansion of intelligent technologies that close waste cycles, along with a sustainable infrastructure that distributes energy and resources efficiently and on demand.

The green transition won't happen overnight. It will be a gradual shift, moving from brown to light-brown, then to light-green and eventually green. To facilitate this transition at a reasonable pace, we need innovative businesses to lead the way, breaking free from outdated mindsets and setting new standards. 

Karl Nagy  CEO & Founder of Kabena Group, is by heart a serial entrepreneur with a track record spanning 38 years. Through co-founding, co-investing, or restructuring companies, Karl enhances the accessibility of renewable energy, food, and clean water. He also bolsters the supply of primary transition-resources like helium and copper, pioneers innovative living spaces, and fosters the restoration of marine ecosystems — all in alignment with the UN SDGs. Karl's forward-thinking approach enables him to foresee global shifts, understand their economic ramifications, and nurture smarter markets in response.

During our conversation, we will delve into Karl’s vision and endeavor to create a smarter market for a stronger world, starting in Africa and expanding globally, along with the principles guiding this ambition – the code of smarter markets. A good example of this systemic approach is the “HomaBay Biogas” biorefinery on the shores of Victoria Lake which turns the invasive Water Hyacinth into critical resources, including energy.

Core topics:

  • A journey of transforming intentions into tangible, impactful actions.

  • Solving world’ most pressing issues with an integrated, systemic approach.

  • Cracking the code of smarter markets, starting at Lake Victoria.

Date & Schedule: Friday, 12th April

8:30 - 9:00 Coffè and breakfast 
9:00 - 9:10:  Welcome and introduction by Tommaso Tabet, co-manager of IFB Lugano chapter and co-founder of Impact Hub Ticino
9:10 - 10:30: Open conversation with Karl Benno Nagy 
10:30 - 11:00: Closing and coffee

Who should join: Anyone interested in the topics, such as social entrepreneurs, investors, representatives of family offices/trusts, fund managers, foundations, service providers.

Note: The event is limited to 23 people and will be held in English. Kindly register HERE

Parking available at

Autosilo Balestra or Autosilo san Giuseppe