Feb 27 2020 @ 9:00 - 11:00

100th IFB London Anniversary Event (by invitation only)



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The Conduit, 40 Conduit St, Mayfair, 

London W1S 2YQ


Deborah Keller

+41 43 466 77 88

The Big Picture: Mainstreaming Impact Investing

For a little over 12 years now, we have been gathering monthly over breakfast in London in informal groups to discuss and share learnings about the ‘what, the how, the where and the why’ of impact investing. In the meantime, we’ve expanded to Geneva and Zurich, and today include more than 14+ active IFB ‘chapter’ cities around the globe doing exactly what we do: Meeting to share knowledge and contribute to a shift in consciousness about the purpose of capital. Our Impact for Breakfast members, numbering today several thousand individuals and the organizations they represent, continue to convene over and again in the spirit of collaboration, with the hope that more of “what we do” will be seen as valuable and persuasive by the mainstream financial centres on our planet. 

For our 100th IFB in London, we’d like to take a step back altogether and look at the bigger picture. Much excitement is being generated around the terminology of “impact investing”; numerous funds are allocating capital to the impact space, and even more are actively developing niche impact strategies. This evidence of ‘mainstreaming’ is considered as a positive development for the industry, with the presumption that large players will help push forward the professionalization of this and its associated asset classes while also contributing to a standardization of metrics. At the same time, increasing attention may also bring about a number of challenges. One thing is for sure: Institutions have very different ideas and definitions about what constitutes social mission and impact, and how it is validated. Increased scrutiny and rigor will be an inevitable by-product of this phenomena.

The discussion will include several wonderful friends working as conveners, practitioners and thought leaders: Robert Rubinstein, Founder/Chairman TBLI Group, Florian Kemmerich, Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners, and many more.

Address: The Conduit 40 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2YQ

Time: 0900 - 1100

Date: Thursday, February 27th

Please note that due to limited seating, this anniversary event is by invitation only. 

The IFB Team