Sep 18 2019 @ 9 - 11

The Big Exchange. Where money works for everyone.



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Aberdeen Asset Management, Bow Bells House, 1 Bread St, London EC4M 9HH

United Kingdom


Deborah Keller


98th Impact for Breakfast London

Launching a mission-driven consumer platform to change the way individuals engage with their money, one that is inclusive and that delivers a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Big Exchange team will introduce the audience to the core parts of The Big Exchange platform: The impact investment service they are launching in Autumn 2019 followed by the everyday banking and ethical financial marketplace. The team will also introduce the audience to the Social Passport which will record and reward behaviour, building a digital identity for each customer.


Impact Investing 

The first phase of The Big Exchange, is launching a new site for investment and savings focused only on investment funds that have been assessed to give a financial return as well as benefiting people and planet. They will offer 39 daily tradable funds, from 10 asset managers with a combined AUM of £15bn. All of these funds will have to be put through our Impact Methodology to prove their contribution to people and the planet and will be rated Gold, Silver or Bronze to easily show customers how much impact they have.


Everyday Banking and Marketplace

The Big Exchange will, in the near future, provide quality, inclusive everyday banking services for everybody in the UK including the millions currently ‘under-served’ by the banks as well as a marketplace that will provide access to ethical financial products and services where people can find products that meet their needs and match their values.


Social Passport

This acts as a store of financial information and a record of socially responsible behaviour. In this way, TBE will not be just an ecosystem of financial products, but it will transform the customer experience so that saving, investing and spending will recognise the personal decision to be part of the movement for social good.



Nigel Kershaw OBE, Chair of The Big Exchange and The Big Issue Group

Jill Jackson, Managing Director of The Big Exchange

Klara Kozlov, Impact Advisor to The Big Exchange