Oct 07 2020 @ 9:30 - 11:00

Investing in Ecosystem Services

San Francisco


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Sarah Adams


Resilient Supply Chains

Community-based agroforestry and ecosystem reforestation projects

Investing in ecosystem services is investing in resilient supply chains.

- Why do ecosystem services matter to the investment world?
- How can corporations invest for resiliency in their supply chain?
- What are carbon offsetting and insetting projects?

Andrew Nobrega, Director North America and United Kingdom for PUR Projet, will discuss why ecosystem services matter. He will share his personal career journey to how he arrived at the intersection of environment conservation and finance structures with carbon offsetting and insetting projects. From his experience with PUR Projet, Andrew will share how companies can build resiliency in their supply chains by investing in community-based agroforestry and ecosystem reforestation projects.

About our featured speaker:

Andrew Nobrega, Director North America and United Kingdom for PUR Projet, brings a unique combination of investment experience, consulting and ecosystem service expertise to the PUR Projet team. He has a strong passion for implementing innovative social structures and strong business models that promote aligned interests between business/investors, local communities and the environment. Andrew formerly served as the Director of a Canadian sustainability consulting firm and consulted to an international financial institution in Luxembourg. More recently, Andrew worked in capital markets, where he furthered his understanding of finance and evaluated the strengths and vulnerabilities of business models across multiple sectors and geographies. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Toronto University and a Master of Science from Oxford University.

About the organization:

PUR Projet works with companies to regenerate the ecosystems they depend upon. Pur empowers local communities to operate long-term socio-environmental projects. Pur helps companies strengthen their supply chains through agroforestry, land restoration and sustainable agricultural practices. As a social business, Pur is a purpose-driven company, encouraging local entrepreneurial initiatives, and preserving the world's natural capital. 

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