Apr 26 2022 @ 9:30 - 10:30

Who decides what nature is?

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Deborah Keller

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And, does it matter?

We typically view the world through a lens that embodies a nature-culture dichotomy. This is a lens that has largely been shaped by a small number of men, in a short space of time. Nature for recreation, nature as a resource, nature for restoration. But what happens if we adjust the lens and look at the world in a more inclusive way? If we link environmental and social change to acknowledge and amplify the voices of women? How does this change how we value and interact with nature? 

Through SDG 13, with Climate Action and with the UN 'decade of restoration' upon us, the pressure is mounting for humanity to prevent, halt and reverse ecosystem degradation. These are critical tools to combat climate change. At Wildeor, working under a mission of ‘bringing nature back to life’, we are tackling the nature-culture dichotomy head-on to connect people with the natural world.

In this session, we will use the concept of rewilding to consider how nature conservation can be as much a cultural pursuit as an ecological one. We will demonstrate how gender inclusion is essential to delivering impact on climate change and why investors should look to rewilding to take decisive action.

We are pleased to welcome Dr Gina Maffey to lead this important discussion in the fight against climate change.

Date: Tuesday 26 April

Time: 9.30 am CEST

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Dr Gina Maffey

Understanding human-nature relationships has underpinned Gina Maffey's career and deeply influenced her personal life. It is a pursuit that has taken her to Brazil, through national parks in South and North America and into the depths of her own back garden. Yet, with years of environmental studying and a PhD in hand, Gina still wasn't truly able to find that 'wildness' of the natural world. To push the boundaries of her own nature connection, she and her husband, Koen Arts, spent a year living outside - all seasons, all weathers, all outdoors. The experience dramatically shifted Gina's perspective on the role of inclusivity, gender and policy in framing how we value the natural world. Gina currently chairs Wildeor, a charity based in the Netherlands focused on the potential for human rewilding; and is the co-director at Green Roots, a business that offers educational experiences in outdoor settings. She has a deep rooted passion for stories and uses transformational learning approaches to connect audiences with their local environment. To realise a socially and environmentally just future, Gina invites you to kick off your shoes, get your hands dirty and bring nature back into your own life.