Sep 26 2023 @ 9:00 - 10:30

Finance for climate innovations - what is needed and what works best?



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Change Hub, Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin


Anja König

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with Maya Chandrasekaran of Green Artha

Our next session of Impact for Breakfast on 26.9. 2023 will focus on the role of capital for climate change mitigation, adaption and biodiversity finance.

With Maya Chandrasekaran, founder and partner at Green Artha, an Indian climate innovation and investment firm, we will look at opportunities to unlock additional capital and to capture and value eco-system services and other climate outcomes in innovative finance mechanism.

What can we learn from India in terms of designing innovative financing models, building networks to increase climate investment capital and strengthening the continuum of capital for climate finance?

This IFB session will be held in English. However, all participants are invited to express themselves in the language they feel most comfortable in.

As always croissants and coffee will be served. And there will be ample opportunity of networking with likeminded climate and impact finance enthusiasts in the IFB Berlin community.

IFB Berlin is hosted by Anja König of Social Impact Markets and Rene Wienholtz of Loom Impact.


Maya Chandrasekaran is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and initiator of various eco-system development initiatives such as Women in Investing Plattform. More about Maya on

Green Artha is a climate venture fund and innovation firm established to make a low carbon economy possible. They invest in the future of our planet through transformational climate innovations, business models that can help existing technologies achieve market adoption and enabling a stronger support ecosystem.

Green Artha catalyzes the adoption, mainstreaming and commercialization of climate innovations and clean technologies to keep the planet at below a 2 degree temperature increase and ensure that all people are able to access critical resources like clean water, air and energy.

Green Arth works with startups, think tanks, incubators, leading corporates, philanthropists and investors to align available resources, provide customized support and strengthen the viability of the sector.

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