Apr 13 2021 @ 10:00 - 11:00

Fighting Grand Corruption Through Impact Investing

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Deborah Keller

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Virtual IFB

Using Innovative Financial and Litigation Tools to reverse Illicit Financial Flows

We invite you with great pleasure to another insightful Impact for Breakfast session, this time showcasing the unique concept of investing to fight global corruption. Restitution Impact (an impact fund manager drawing on litigation financing techniques to bring enforcement actions against corrupt actors, reversing illicit financial flows, returning stolen state patrimony, and reversing the effects of corruption globally) and Innovest Advisory (a specialist impact advisor to the private funds industry) will discuss the game-changing and frontier impact investment thematic of anti-corruption investing.

Illicit financial flows represent a significant barrier to countries achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Illicit capital flight from Africa annually of US$90 billion equates to up to 85% of all annual FDI and ODI inflows to the continent. Reversing this illegal capital flight could bridge half of Africa’s SDG financing gap.

The conversation will present the current market failures in the fight against grand corruption and explore how impact capital can play a central role financing scalable solutions to pursuing claims while generating a long-term positive impact for the host countries. Specifically, we will also explore the role impact investment can play in enabling sovereign governments in developing countries to pursue claims to recover (“restitute”) stolen assets and return them to their countries in a managed process which maximises the benefits to the people of their countries. Finally, the discussion will present examples of facilities and capital pools that are aimed at this issue, as well as nascent fund structures that are being designed to support the scaling of these anti-corruption models.


  • Katherine Mulhern, CEO, Restitution Impact
  • Andrew Carey, Co-Head of Impact Financing & Investing, Hogan Lovels
  • Justin Sykes, Managing Director, Innovest Advisory

Date: Tuesday, April 13

Time: 10.00 am CET

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