Feb 11 2020 @ 8:00 - 10:00

What the heart already knew: Impact alternatives



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Triodos IM Head Office
Landgoed De Reehorst Hoofdstraat 10, 3972 LA, Driebergen-Rijsenburg


David Hernández


2nd Impact for Breakfast

What the heart already knew

Join the discussion at our first session of 2020, What the heart already knew: Impact alternatives on Tuesday, February 11th 2020, 08:00-10:00 hrs in the award-winning office of Triodos Investment Management in Zeist, The Netherlands. 

Alternative investments can play an important role in setting return expectations, diversification, and the overall risk profile of a portfolio. During an interactive breakfast session we will take a closer look into how adding alternative investment funds benefits the risk-return characteristics of a broad investment portfolio.

What can you expect?

  • A deep dive with Jacco Minnaar, Chair of the Management Board of Triodos Investment Management into the findings of a research conducted by Ortec Finance: ‘The investment rationale of adding Impact Alternatives to a broader portfolio’.
  • Interactive session with Joost Zuidberg, CEO Cardano Development, an organisation that aims to bring high-impact financial risk management innovations to frontier markets: Risk and return in development finance: ‘Myth vs. Fact’.

We look forward to an open discussion about impact investing through alternatives and to sharing our perspective on this asset class. We hope to welcome you on 11 February!  RSVP before February 6th.

Triodos Investment Management has moved to a brand-new sustainable, reconstructable award-winning office. The building, designed by architect Thomas M. Rau, recently received the prize for Office Building of the Year 2019 from Architectenweb and several other awards. The building is fully circular, the components of the office can be easily disassembled so that each piece of the structure can be reused somewhere else. For those who are interested, an optional short guided tour of the building will be offered directly after the Impact for Breakfast session (09:30-10:00 hrs). If you would like to attend the guided tour, please send us an email to

Triodos IM Head Office
Landgoed De Reehorst Hoofdstraat 10, 3972 LA, Driebergen-Rijsenburg