Jun 03 2020 @ 9:00 - 10:30

Transforming early education in India



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Deborah Keller

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Virtual IFB

Good quality early education lays the foundations for lifelong learning

Evidence shows that activity-based learning (ABL) is one of the best pedagogical approaches applied in early education. However, In India, the prevalent rote approach leads to poor learning outcomes. This especially affects children from low-income families attending affordable private schools (APS), as most of them are first generation learners.

FSG’s Program to Improve Private Early Education (PIPE) aims to replace rote methods with ABL in 300,000 APS institutions in India. Adoption of ABL in APSs faces supply, quality and demand barriers. FSG’s PIPE program aims to address these barriers so that the change sustains and scales even after PIPE ends. PIPE aims to get robust supply of ABL solutions by signing-up ABL solution providers (“partners”) to provide high quality, affordable ABL solutions to affordable private schools profitably. PIPE’s interventions include designing profitable business models and embedding best practices to address barriers in the APS market. On the demand side, PIPE aims to get stakeholders to value, demand, and pay for ABL. Interventions include creating and disseminating content highlighting benefits of ABL. The result is a healthy and unsubsidized market that continues to serve more and more children, eventually making ABL the norm for many thousands in their early years.

In this session we feature Vikram Jain (Director, FSG Advisory), PIPE lead and Artha investee Chitra Ravi CEO of Chrysalis and PIPE partner, as they share their journey to improving quality education in affordable private schools in India.

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