Feb 24 2021 @ 16:00 - 17:00

Do Digital IDs Hold the Key to Access to the Modern Economy?

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Deborah Keller

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Virtual IFB

ID2020 and the Promise of Digital Identity

We are very excited to announce that this session is finally happening next week, having had to postpone it in January.

Globally, 1 in 7 people is unable to prove his/her identity through any widely recognized means. This systematically excludes more than 1 billion people from the modern economy - including access to basic legal protections, civic participation, and critical services such as education and healthcare. 

Digital ID offers the promise of simultaneously enhancing both access to – and the quality of –  programs and services, including those designed to serve the poor. Whether focused on public health, education, or financial inclusion, impact investors should be thinking about how digital ID systems can help build more efficient and inclusive programs, while simultaneously reducing the cost of program delivery, fraud, and corruption.

ID2020 develops and applies rigorous technical standards to certify best-in-class digital ID solutions, implements pilot programs in the field, and advocates before policymakers, regulators, funders, and other civil society organizations toward a simple vision: “good ID for all’.


Dakota Gruener is the Executive Director of ID2020, a global public-private partnership, which brings together technologists, advocates, implementers, and funders toward a common vision. Since 2016, Gruener has led ID2020, a public-private partnership that harnesses the collective power of non-profits, corporations, and governments to promote the implementation and adoption of user-managed, privacy-protecting and portable digital ID solutions.  

ID2020 partners believe that ethically implemented, privacy-protecting, user-managed, and portable digital ID solutions offer an opportunity to put the ownership of personal data back in the hands of the individual. But achieving this vision will require a sustained commitment to serving the needs of society’s most marginalized and ensuring that they are not left behind. 

Join us for a discussion with Dakota and learn more about ID2020’s market-based approach, partnerships (with organizations like Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance) and role in developing interoperable digital vaccination certificates that could help restore travel and spur economic activity.

Date: Wednesday, February 24

Time: 4 pm CET

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We look forward to seeing you all virtually!