Feb 07 2023 @ 8:30 - 11:00

Re-imagining Impact Investment: Challenges and Opportunities



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Maike Striffer

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Re-imagining Impact Investment: Challenges and Opportunities

What if every social enterprise has access to the capital needed to scale its impact?

54.7% of social entrepreneurs in Uganda express a lack of access to adequate financing to scale their impact.*  The traditional banking mindset (which focuses on maximizing shareholder value) leads to consistent mispricing of risks (Lehman Brothers, Ukraine war), etc. where plenty of capital is available while purpose-driven initiatives are constantly undervalued. The financial sector urgently needs to shift into a new financing paradigm, focusing on purpose-driven, inclusive sustainable financing.


During the conversation, we will have the privilege of hearing from the CFO of Ortus Capital, Alice Muwonge, an impact investment firm, and the CEO of Ecoplastile, a social enterprise. They will provide insight into the challenges and opportunities of investing in social entrepreneurs in Uganda, from both the investor's and the entrepreneur's perspective. 


Alice Muwonge will share Ortus Capital's investment journey and discuss the specific opportunities and challenges they have encountered and how they have overcome them. The aim of this discussion is to foster collective intelligence and provide valuable insights for fund managers and accelerators to develop effective methodologies to create a resilient social entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uganda. The discussion will be an opportunity to gain valuable insight and establish a deeper understanding of the investment landscape for social entrepreneurs in Uganda.


Kamugyisha, the CEO of Ecoplastile will share his fundraising journey, discussing the challenges he has faced and strategies used to overcome them, as well as the unique challenges social entrepreneurs face when seeking funding. He will also provide insight into how the entrepreneurship ecosystem players can make capital more attractive for entrepreneurs, by providing recommendations and discussing the role of government and other policy-makers in creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs to access capital. He will provide an in-depth understanding of the fundraising journey and key factors that impact the success of raising capital for social entrepreneurs.

Join us for a unique and interactive discussion!